Quartet of Peace

Concerts :

15th October, 2010, Stellenbosch, South Africa
16th October, 2010, Cape Town, South Africa
17th November, 2010, Leipzig, Germany
5th December, 2010, London, England
13th & 14th December, 2010, Paris, France

Lainey Trequesser
Project facilitator

From the very moment that Brian Lisus offered me a DVD copy of the Quartet of Peace Presentation I have felt the power and inspiration for this unique project.

The message from four great men of the rainbow nation transmuting from the darkness to the light, striving towards peace and harmony, resonates so strongly in the concept of the Quartet of Peace.

A message for humanity and a gift to the world.

International Press Conference, organized by CAPE
Ruggero de Pas, Charlotte Rampling (Patron of the CNEA 2010/2011), David Daitz, Lainey Trequesser.

David Juritz and Lainey Trequesser in Leipzig.


Before ... and after the concert in Leipzig


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