Projects 2013

Sans Souci Girls High School :

-          Musiquelaine sponsors music education for 23 chosen pupils

-          Donation of music instruments

-          Musiquelaine music awards (4 prizes)


Steenberg High School:

-         Donation of music instruments
1 Upright Piano
2 trumpets
1 trombone

-          Music development in Steenberg High School

-    Ian Smith Big Band Group
Brass & Wind Symphonic Band started Oct 2013
Pilot project- collaboration between the AAD French Foundation and Musiquelaine S.A.


Delft Big Band:

-         Organization for international exposure, Seasons France <-> South Africa cultural exchanges, French tour Paris - Burgundy, September 2013

-    Donation of a Yamaha trumpet

-         Donation of Big Band sheet music

-         Donation of instrument accessories


Eastern Cape Philharmonic Music Investment Project:

-          Donation of instruments and accessories


 Founding of NPO Musiquelaine South Africa:

- Patron : Benny Rabinowitz, Project Manager: Janey Ball.



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