Pieter Schoeman

Leader, London Philharmonic Orchestra

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Christophe Bossuat

Suzuki string specialist/
teacher trainer - Lyon

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Jol Soultanian

Violist, Orchestre de Montpellier

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All contributions are welcome.

We are very grateful to receive any accessories i.e. :

- used strings

- bows of violin/cello

- all instruments for orchestra

- music-instrumental and vocal




How you can help !

Our project is very much an educational project for social upliftment, there are so many children whose lifes could be changed by music.

Our  Musique pour Musique  experience is gaining more and more support by outstanding musicians and teachers who are joining us.

If you can help and participate in our project, I would be very grateful.




Music can heal the world!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for our banking details !

We are a non profit organization, all French citizens, can benefit of important tax deductions.




Many thanks for your support of

 Musique pour Musique .



Rupert music Foundation

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